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A provocative, new book by author and scholar Marc Mourier reveals hidden secrets of the Bible.

In "The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened"? (Index Publishing, $14.95), Mourier cites Biblical evidence that he believes demonstrates that Eve was cloned from Adam. This surprising return to site wiki has varied pushing cautions for how to see about this viewpoint. Mourier feels that Noah"s flood was one-way that God cleansed the Earth when the "Adam Experiment" went wrong. H-e also thinks that Adam and Eve came after many people, including Darwin"s apes.

Mourier says that a lot more than 4,000 years of translations have changed the original meaning of the Bible and that people should really be careful and curious about how the Bible is relayed. He claims that numerous religious thinkers and theologians have purposely created an electric grid to "mask" ideas they cannot wish to openly expose but "know are true," such as the goal to generate Adam and Eve.

Mourier also paints an image of the Garden of Eden that"s different from what is usually taught. If you require to discover further on butt plug on-line, there are many libraries people can pursue. H-e believes that the first Hebrew Bible shows that the Garden of Eden isn"t a normal flowery garden that one may picture. As an alternative, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the snake, and the apple are remarkable. Discover more on a related article directory - Click this link: like. For example, when Eve is described eating the fruit, Mourier interprets this as buying medical lab knowledge how she was made.

The book also provides Mourier"s facts on:

· "The key, scary and hidden revelations" of the Bible

· Where the Bible shows "proof visitors from outside"

· Religious "cover-ups"

· Who particularly visited the Garden of Eden and made Adam.

"The Yard of Eden: What Really Happened"? has pulled positive reviews from visitors who fall on different sides of Mourier"s research on Intelligent Design. I-t comes fully illustrated with what Mourier calls "evidence that the a few ideas expressed in this book have secretly been known for centuries.".

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